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LLM and Gen AI Sr Manager



Software Engineering, Data Science
Quebec City, QC, Canada · Montreal, QC, Canada · Toronto, ON, Canada · Ottawa, ON, Canada
Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Job Description

LLM and Gen AI Technical Architecture Sr Manager

We Are:

Accenture is helping companies use generative AI to reinvent their enterprise and optimize business functions for breakthrough innovation and competitive advantage. With over 1,600 professionals dedicated to generative AI, leveraging the depth and experience of more than 40,000 AI and data professionals across the company our Generative AI and LLM Center of Excellence brings together our Experienced Innovation, Strategic Investment, Exceptional Talent, and Power Ecosystem.

You Are:

As a Full Stack LLM Sr Technical Architect you will

  • Provide strategic direction for Generative AI application development and deployment.

  • Engage with top-level stakeholders and drive strategic partnerships.

  • Ensure that AI projects align with and contribute to overall business objectives.

  • Foster an environment of innovation and ensure adherence to industry best practices in AI

  • Oversee the development and deployment of Generative AI applications.

  • Ensure that AI applications comply with ethical guidelines and legal standards, particularly regarding data privacy and user consent.

  • Identify and address risks associated with AI projects.

  • Develop large language model (LLM)-based applications.

  • Build, train, and fine tune LLMs to improve performance, accuracy and alignment of the general-purpose models.

  • Develop and integrate LLMs and/or LLM applications into products and services. Design, develop, and optimize Artificial Intelligence (AI) prompts.

The work:

  • Optimize Large Language Models (LLMs) to guide their outputs towards high-quality and contextually relevant responses, utilizing domain knowledge.

  • Design comprehensive systems that incorporate LLMs or LLM applications.

  • Formulate effective prompts for Generative AI models and develop applications using a complete technology stack.

  • Apply domain-specific data and techniques for domain adaptation. Enhance model accuracy and effectiveness through fine-tuning.

  • Mitigating any biases in models. Developing solutions for ethical usage of AI and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

  • Developing and executing comprehensive testing plans for AI applications.

  • Prepare reports and presentations to update stakeholders on progress and insights.

  • Establishing metrics and KPIs to measure the performance and impact of LLM applications.

  • Exploring emerging technologies and their potential integration into business solutions.

  • Building relationships with external partners, vendors, and the AI community to enhance capabilities.

  • Actively supporting the sales team in articulating the value and capabilities of our AI offerings to drive business growth.

  • Lead initiatives to develop and enhance the organization's capabilities in LLM technology. Assist in shaping LLM Full Stack development practice in North America and globally, Identifying skill gaps and the development of training programs.

Travel may be required for this role. The amount of travel will vary from 0 to 100% depending on business need and client requirements.