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Digital Trainee - Cyber Security (004898)



Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Posted on Friday, March 29, 2024
Digital Hub China in Nanjing attracts, grows, and develops passionate people who will meaningfully impact the digital future of BASF. Come join us and be a part of our digitalization journey.


This Cyber Security Trainee position offers you the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into the various disciplines of BASF's cyber security organization. It is planned that you will work in the following teams as part of the trainee program:

Main Tasks:

- 通过不同渠道向所有员工和领导者等特殊目标群体创建并传达相关主题的信息
- 确定培训需求和目标群体,并确定要包含在网络安全培训学院和/或其他平台中的内容
- 与国际环境中的主题专家合作,维护和审查整个网络安全和信息保护领域的现有培训和意识服务,并开发新的培训和意识服务(电子学习、PowerPoint、PDF、视频、新的学习方式)
- 规划和组织培训和宣传活动 - 现场和在线

- 支持影响巴斯夫和巴斯夫系统的漏洞的识别、分类和修复
- 咨询产品/服务/应用程序所有者以了解如何缓解已识别的漏洞
- 生成漏洞报告并将其分发给所需的利益相关者
- 支持其他举措以进一步暴露攻击面并进行修复

- 全天候(24/7)监控巴斯夫的数字基础设施,寻找恶意活动的迹象
- 管理技术威胁情报的运营,维护技术妥协指标并进行主动威胁搜寻和恶意软件分析
- 积极处理全球网络安全事件/攻击,涵盖从识别/分类、遏制到解决、记录和吸取教训的所有步骤
- 进行端到端电子取证,并提供数字取证活动

Awareness and Training
- Create and communicate information on relevant topics to all employees and special target groups like leaders via different channels
- Identifying training needs and target groups as well as determining content to include in the Cyber Security Training Academy and/or other platforms
- Maintaining and reviewing existing and developing new training and awareness offers (e-learning, PowerPoint, PDF, Video, new ways of learning) in the overall field of Cyber Security and Information Protection in cooperation with subject matter experts in an international environment
- Planning and organization of training and awareness events - both onsite and online

Vulnerability Management
- Support the identification, classification, and remediation of vulnerabilities impacting BASF and BASF systems
- Consult product / service / application owners to understand how to mitigate identified vulnerabilities
- Generate and distribute vulnerability reports to the required stakeholders
- Support additional initiatives to further attack surface exposure and remediation

Cyber Security Defense Center (CSDC)
- Monitor BASF’s digital infrastructure 24/7 to look for signs of malicious activities
- Manage operations of technical threat intelligence, maintain technical Indicators of Compromise and conduct active threat hunting as well as malware analysis
- Actively handle cyber security incidents/attacks globally covering all steps from identification/triage, containment until resolution, documentation & lessons-learned
- Conduct end-to-end e-Discovery, and offer digital forensics activities

Job Requirements:
- 您已成功完成信息技术、工商管理或类似教育学位
- 0-2年工作经验
- 网络安全领域的技术理解和初步经验(基础设施、网络、加密、应用程序开发、云服务……)
- 可靠性、灵活性、积极性和服务导向
- 能够对有关公司事务的行动进行独立判断,包括适当地识别、维护和指导机密问题。
- 能够处理多个优先事项并快速准确地响应来自多个来源的不断变化的需求。
- 必须具有文化意识并能够与各级​​人员有效互动。
- 在处理日历冲突和即将举行的会议/活动时,必须表现出积极主动的态度。
- 必须以目标导向和结果导向的方式处理您的职责领域,并以明确的客户导向、奉献精神和决心为特征
- 能够自信地用中文和英文进行口语和书面交流

- 网络安全领域更深入的技术经验
- ISMS 和 ISO27001 领域的知识
- 流利的英语和普通话能力

- You have successfully completed your degree in information technology, business administration or a comparable education
- 0-2 years’ working experiences
- Technical understanding and first experiences in the field of Cyber Security (infrastructure, networks, encryption, application development, cloud services,...)
- Reliability, flexibility, high motivation and service orientation
- Ability to exercise independent judgment in actions regarding company matters including identifying, maintaining, and directing confidential issues appropriately.
- Ability to handle multiple priorities and to respond to constantly changing demands quickly and accurately from many sources.
- Must have cultural awareness and be able to interact effectively with all levels of personnel. Must demonstrate a proactive approach when handling calendar conflicts and upcoming meetings/events.
- Must approach your area of responsibility in a goal-oriented and results-oriented manner and are characterized by their pronounced customer orientation, dedication, and determination
- Confident communication in Chinese and English, both spoken and written

Nice to have
- Deeper technical experiences in the field of Cyber Security
- Knowledge in the area of ISMS and ISO27001
- CISSP or CISSM certification
- Fluent English and Mandarin Skills

中国数字枢纽于 2020 年在南京成立。作为巴斯夫全球数字中心(Global Digital Hub Verbund)的一部分,该中心正在迅速发展壮大,目标是在未来几年内员工人数达到三位数。该中心专注于数字化和创新的IT解决方案,以增强巴斯夫在中国的IT产品组合和专业技能,它为巴斯夫带来了一支全能的数字人才团队,在中国独特的数字环境下为巴斯夫创造解决方案。它还为湛江新的大型项目的智能制造做出了贡献。
在巴斯夫,我们为可持续发展的未来创造化学。我们将经济成就与环境保护和社会责任相结合。巴斯夫集团约有112,000名员工,为全球几乎所有国家、几乎所有行业的客户的成功做出了贡献。我们的业务组合包括六大板块:化工、材料、工业解决方案、表面技术、营养与护理以及农业解决方案。2023 年,巴斯夫的销售额达到 689 亿欧元。巴斯夫股票在法兰克福证券交易所(BAS)交易,在美国以美国存托凭证(BASFY)形式交易。更多信息,请访问。

Digital Hub China was founded in 2020 in Nanjing. As part of the Global Digital Hub Verbund, the hub is rapidly growing with a target of a three-digit number of employees in coming years. Focused on digitalization and innovative IT solutions to enhance BASF’s IT portfolio and expertise in China, it brings an all-around capable team of digital talents to create solutions in the context of China’s unique digital landscape to BASF. It also contributes to the smart manufacturing endeavors for the new mega project in Zhanjiang.
At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Around 112,000 employees in the BASF Group contribute to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio comprises six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions. BASF generated sales of €68.9 billion in 2023. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchange in Frankfurt (BAS) and as American Depositary Receipts (BASFY) in the United States. Further information at

BASF Asia-Pacific Service Center is based in Malaysia, we may reach you via Malaysia phone number.