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Lead Engineer - Corporate Infrastructure and Network (m/f/d)



Other Engineering
Berlin, Germany
Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2024

About The Company
GROPYUS creates sustainable, affordable, and aspirational buildings for everyone through modular construction and setting a new standard in smart living.

About the role:

We are looking for a Lead engineer (f/m/d) for our Corporate Infrastructure and Network team. Our Corporate Infrastructure and Network team is currently still very small but owns our virtual and on-premise server infrastructure and the networks for all our locations. This function helps us to keep our corporate-wide server and network infrastructure effective and efficient and to support our value chain in the best possible way.

The lead engineer (f/m/d) ensures that the respective team defines and delivers the right solution at the right time. Knowing when to delegate and how to empower their individual team members is key to being successful in this role. Lead engineers split their time between pairing up with their team, learning how to handle difficult management and leadership situations and partnering up with product managers and other business stakeholders to understand the company’s goals and needs.

What you´ll be doing:

  • You will be accountable for operating the corporate network infrastructure party together with a 3rd Party provider for our 4 office locations and 1 production environment in a secure way
  • You will plan, control and optimize the company wide budget for the Corporate Infrastructure and Network and the team internal budget
  • You ensure the integration of data governance and security requirements into our corporate infrastructure and network, including collaboration with GRC and IT Security
  • You are accountable that the infrastructure and the network to meet the requirements of various stakeholders (targeting given SLOs and SLAs) and create monitoring and alerting solutions
  • You are accountable for the operational excellence of your team and ensure to have a roadmap for the team in place
  • You will contribute to the department strategy and architectural goals and communicate them transparently and understandably to stakeholders
  • You are accountable for developing your directs – to do so they have regular (weekly) 1:1s with them

What you'll bring:

  • You bring professional experience working as a lead engineer (f/m/d) participating in team strategy, roadmap definition and cost planning and cost controlling
  • You had budget responsibility in your previous roles
  • You bring experience in an environment with standardized processes
  • You have operated corporate infrastructure with Microsoft Azure and VMWare ESX
  • You have operated some of the network solutions such as
  • You have strong analytical skills and a transparent and collaborative communication style and the ability to troubleshoot complex challenges
  • You bring experience with monitoring and alerting tools (Grafana, Prometheus, Opsgenie)
  • I would be nice if you bring experience with Terraform

***For English, see below***

Was wir bieten

  • Werde ein Teil von etwas Großem: Du bist hier, um etwas zu ändern? Komm an Bord! Bei GROPYUS haben wir die Mission, eine ganze Branche neu zu überdenken. Erfinde mit uns das Bauen und nachhaltiges, bezahlbares Wohnen neu.

  • Es liegt an dir: Wir bieten eine enorme Menge an Eigenverantwortung und Raum, um Zeichen zu setzen - auf allen Ebenen unserer Organisation. Finde Lösungen, treibe sie voran und teste sie.

  • Fokussiere dich auf die Ergebnisse: Du entscheidest, ob du von zu Hause aus, in einem Park oder im Büro arbeitest. Egal, ob dein Tag früh beginnt, nach dem Laufen oder wenn die Kinder im Bett liegen. Was zählt, ist dein Beitrag und deine Ergebnisse.

  • Bring deine Einzigartigkeit ins Team: Innovation erfordert Gedankenvielfalt. Vielfalt in Bezug auf Hintergrund, Erfahrung und Denken ist entscheidend, um das beste Produkt für alle zu schaffen. Wir bemühen uns aktiv um Vielfalt und bemühen uns, das volle Potenzial des anderen auszuschöpfen. Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass Menschen aus allen Branchen und Lebensbereichen in unser Unternehmen eintreten - zusätzlich zu Kernbereichen wie Bauwesen, Ingenieurwesen und Start-ups von börsennotierten Unternehmen aus den Bereichen E-Commerce, Digital und Sportwaren und mehr. Du arbeitest in internationalen Teams mit leidenschaftlichen Kollegen. Inspirieren und sich inspirieren lassen.

  • Sei ein Eigentümer: Nimm mit Aktienoptionen am Erfolg von GROPYUS teil.

Begleite uns auf unserer Mission, Gebäude als sich ständig weiterentwickelnde Produkte zu entwerfen, um eine innovative Wohnerfahrung für alle zu schaffen. Wir bauen für Menschen und schonen die Ressourcen unseres Planeten.

Wir freuen uns darauf dich kennenzulernen.
Weitere Informationen findest du auf unserer Website. Deine Fragen beantworten wir gerne via Email.

What We Offer

  • Be part of something big: You’re here to make a change? Come on board. At GROPYUS, we are on a mission to re-think an entire industry. Join us in reinventing construction and sustainable, affordable living.
  • It’s on you: We offer a tremendous amount of ownership and room to make a mark - at all our organization levels. Find your solutions, drive and test them.
  • Focus on results: You choose if you work from home, a park, or the office. Whether you start your day early, after your run, or pick up on work when your kids are in bed. What counts is your contribution and delivery.
  • Bring your uniqueness to the team: Innovation requires diversity of thought. Diversity in background, experience and thinking is crucial to create the best product for everyone. We actively seek diversity and strive to unlock each other’s full potential. We are very proud that people from all industries and all walks of life are joining our company – in addition to core areas such as construction, engineering, and start-ups, from stock-listed companies from across automotive e-Commerce, digital, sporting goods, and more. You will work in international teams with passionate colleagues. Inspire and be inspired.
  • Be an owner: Participate in the success of GROPYUS through stock options.

Join us on our mission to design buildings as continuously evolving products to create the most exciting and affordable experience for all. We build for people and conserve the resources of our planet.

We can't wait to get to know you.
For more information, visit our website, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us via email.

Join us on our mission to design buildings as continuously evolving products to create the most exciting and affordable experience for all. We build for people and conserve the resources of our planet.

We can't wait to get to know you.
For more information, visit our website, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us via email.