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Architect for Applications, Data & AI and Modernization



Software Engineering, IT, Data Science
Tokyo, Japan
Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

Who We Are

At Kyndryl, we design, build, manage and modernize the mission-critical technology systems that the world depends on every day. So why work at Kyndryl? We are always moving forward – always pushing ourselves to go further in our efforts to build a more equitable, inclusive world for our employees, our customers and our communities.

The Role

Are you a mastermind when it comes to software architecture and design? Do you have a passion for developing innovative software solutions that are ahead of the curve? If so, we have the perfect role for you.

As an Application/Software Architect, you'll be responsible for designing cutting-edge software frameworks, systems, and products that will set the standard for the industry. You'll use your extensive technical knowledge to conceive system interfaces and business application prototypes, while also identifying and resolving any framework design weaknesses.

You’ll use your technical expertise to provide technical leadership to the application development team, perform design and code reviews, and ensure that uniform enterprise-wide application design standards are maintained. You'll also collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure that the architecture is aligned with business requirements, making sure that the project meets its goals.

Your expertise in designing major aspects of the architecture of an application, including components such as user interface, middleware, and infrastructure, will be put to use as you create and maintain documentation surrounding the software architecture, application design processes, component integration, testing guidelines, and other key elements.

Your Future at Kyndryl
Every position at Kyndryl offers a way forward to grow your career, from a Junior Architect to Principal Architect – we have opportunities for that you won’t find anywhere else, including hands-on experience, learning opportunities, and the chance to certify in all four major platforms. Join us in revolutionizing the world of software design and take your career to the next level.

キンドリルのApplication, Data & AIのビジネスを作り上げるメンバーを募集します。ビジネス検討、お客様との共創をリードしていただくことを期待しています。お客様、そして社会にデータとAIを活用したビジネスの変革、IT運用の高度化に取り組みます。



  • お客様の課題を識別し、データ&AIの技術を活用したソリューションを検討、課題解決に向けたロードマップを策定、提案する。
  • 複数に跨るお客様部門のデータ&AI活用に関する議論、キンドリルにおける検討をファシリテーションする。
  • 提案したソリューションの実装を主導する。5名~10名規模のチームを統括してプロジェクト推進、品質管理をリードして、技術的な決定を主導する。
  • 運用中のデータ&AIアプリケーションに対して改善の提言、障害時の対応を支援する。
  • キンドリルのグローバルチームと協業してアセットやオファリング、アライアンスの活用を進めて、グローバルカンパニーとしての価値をお客様に提供する。


  • 思考・考察の度量 自らの考えや経験に固執することなく、回りの専門家の知見を引き出し、組み合わせ、そして自らのインサイトも交えて案を作り上げる思考・考察の度量を広くもっている。
  • 個人としての高い熱量とバランス感覚 困難な状況においても、自らが主体性をもって課題に取り組み、関係者を取り込んで解決できること。お客様の課題変革、チームでの取り組みにおいては、合理的な論理性と、そこにある人の情念の存在を前提に、高いバランス感覚を発揮して効果的な方策を打ち出せる。
  • 成長信念 専門スキルやプレゼンテーション、ファシリテーション等のスキルがあるだけではなく、”変化”に対応できる能力を持ち合わせ、自己研磨を絶え間なく実践できる。

Who You Are

You’re good at what you do and possess the required experience to prove it. However, equally as important – you have a growth mindset; keen to drive your own personal and professional development. You are customer-focused – someone who prioritizes customer success in their work. And finally, you’re open and borderless – naturally inclusive in how you work with others.

Required Technical and Professional Experience

•Architectural experience of large customer change and transformation projects
•In depth knowledge and experience of hardware and software including connectivity between platforms

Preferred Technical and Professional Experience

•The Open Group - Master Certified Architect (or equivalent)
•Prior hands-on experience working in a Mainframe environment
•Experience in the following types of Mainframe projects – Modernise On, Integrate With and Move Off
•Strong understanding of z/OS and IBM Software Products as well as 3rd party Mainframe software

必要とされる職業上および技術的な専門知識 :

【経験】 ※いずれかの経験がある人を募集。

  • ビジネスプロセスの分析、改善の提案
  • アーキテクチャーの設計と実装
  • アプリケーションアーキテクチャーの設計と実装
  • レガシーアプリケーションのクラウド移行の計画と実行
  • データプラットフォームの構築、運用
  • データの集約、加工、分析、可視化
  • AI/ML技術のビジネス活用
  • プロジェクトリーダー、テクニカルリーダーの経験
  • カスタマーフェーシングでのコニュニケーション・調整
  • 関連チーム・メンバー・ステークホルダーとのコニュニケーション・調整


  • アーキテクチャー設計と実現のためのロードマップ策定スキル
  • カスタマーフェーシングでのコニュニケーション・調整スキル
  • 各種ステークホルダーとのコニュニケーション・調整スキル

望まれる職業上および技術的な専門知識 :

  • データプラットフォーム、AI、クラウド関連資格の保有
  • ステークホルダーとの直接交渉、プロジェクトを推進経験
  • 5名から10名以上のメンバーが参画したプロジェクトのリーダー経験

Being You

Diversity is a whole lot more than what we look like or where we come from, it’s how we think and who we are. We welcome people of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. But we’re not doing it single-handily: Our Kyndryl Inclusion Networks are only one of many ways we create a workplace where all Kyndryls can find and provide support and advice. This dedication to welcoming everyone into our company means that Kyndryl gives you – and everyone next to you – the ability to bring your whole self to work, individually and collectively, and support the activation of our equitable culture. That’s the Kyndryl Way.

What You Can Expect

With state-of-the-art resources and Fortune 100 clients, every day is an opportunity to innovate, build new capabilities, new relationships, new processes, and new value. Kyndryl cares about your well-being and prides itself on offering benefits that give you choice, reflect the diversity of our employees and support you and your family through the moments that matter – wherever you are in your life journey. Our employee learning programs give you access to the best learning in the industry to receive certifications, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Skillsoft, and many more. Through our company-wide volunteering and giving platform, you can donate, start fundraisers, volunteer, and search over 2 million non-profit organizations. At Kyndryl, we invest heavily in you, we want you to succeed so that together, we will all succeed.

Get Referred!

If you know someone that works at Kyndryl, when asked ‘How Did You Hear About Us’ during the application process, select ‘Employee Referral’ and enter your contact's Kyndryl email address.