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Database Administrator - MSSQL



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Who We Are

At Kyndryl, we design, build, manage and modernize the mission-critical technology systems that the world depends on every day. So why work at Kyndryl? We are always moving forward – always pushing ourselves to go further in our efforts to build a more equitable, inclusive world for our employees, our customers and our communities.

The Role

As a System Administrator at Kyndryl, you’ll solve complex problems and identify potential future issues across the spectrum of platforms and services. You’ll be at the forefront of new technology and modernization, working with some of our biggest clients – which means some of the biggest in the world.

There’s never a typical day as a System Administrator at Kyndryl, because no two projects are alike. You’ll be managing systems data for clients and providing day-to-day solutions and security compliance. You’ll oversee a queue of assignments and work directly with technicians, prioritizing tickets to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

One of the benefits of Kyndryl is that we work with clients in a variety of industries, from banking to retail. Whether you want to broaden your knowledge base or narrow your scope and specialize in a specific sector, you can find your opportunity here. You’ll also get the chance to share your expertise by recommending modernization options, identifying new business opportunities, and cultivating relationships with other teams and stakeholders. Does the work get challenging at times? Yes! But you’ll collaborate with a diverse group of talented people and gain invaluable management and organizational skills, which will come in handy as you move forward in your career.

Your future at Kyndryl
Every position at Kyndryl offers a way forward to grow your career, from Junior System Administrator to Architect. We have opportunities for Cloud Hyperscalers that you won’t find anywhere else, including hands-on experience, learning opportunities, and the chance to certify in all four major platforms. One of the benefits of Kyndryl is that we work with clients in a variety of industries, from banking to retail. Whether you want to broaden your knowledge base or narrow your scope and specialize in a specific sector, you can find your opportunity here.

Who You Are

You’re good at what you do and possess the required experience to prove it. However, equally as important – you have a growth mindset; keen to drive your own personal and professional development. You are customer-focused – someone who prioritizes customer success in their work. And finally, you’re open and borderless – naturally inclusive in how you work with others.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • create / drop databases

  • coordinate activities for installation and migration of database systems software as well as upgrades of the database

  • uninstall DBMS products and associated products and tools during decommission process or when requested

  • execute database utilities based on Customer specific requirements and negotiated schedules (e.g., backups, reorgs, runstats)

  • schedule and perform re-organizations, statistical data collection

  • manage job scheduler of DBMS maintenance jobs

  • manage DBMS system related maintenance/utility jobs

  • provide job status on request for the jobs scheduled on the database

  • manage physical DB import/export as, and when, required

  • perform database backups per the agreed policy and restore database on request

  • analyze, plan and execute database changes

  • provide DBMS connectivity support

  • manage the logical backup and restore, if used as a backup strategy

  • manage high availability/clustering using only native tools (AAG)

  • perform scheduled switch over/switch back of databases

  • provide ad hoc performance and capacity reporting on request only and limited to four (4) reports per year; and

  • document and analyze capacity measures and forecast future capacity requirements.

  • provide DBMS consulting assistance and analysis for Customer applications

  • provide support for Customer, or regulatory, or security or quality assurance audits limited to responding to data requests only

  • perform data archival and purging per the capacity planning report with assistance from application owners

  • perform performance tuning based on performance reports

  • provide standard performance and capacity data management – define, collect, summarize and store performance data

  • apply database software patches, hot fixes and service packs as per mutually agreeable frequency

  • perform health checking per agreed technical specifications and schedule in the CSD

  • perform remediation as agreed in the CSD

  • manage and rectify diagnostic error logs or reports created by the DBMS product, instance or database or tools used by the DBMS Support team

  • Co-ordinate with application owners to remediate problems on database when requested with appropriate actions

  • Co-ordinate with DBMS software vendors for support on problems with products in scope and perform the appropriate action

  • Configure the KPIs for the databases

  • Troubleshoot any monitoring related issues

  • Configure additional KPIs mutually agreed upon with Customer (where applicable)

  • Database Monitoring as per monitoring capability provided with DataDog or other monitor tooling if Datadog cannot support specific database technology

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Experience for about 8+ years as a Database Administrator or similar role, with expertise in one or more managing databases such as DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase, MongoDB, Cosmos DB

  • Database Administration:
    • Manage and maintain MS SQL databases, ensuring high availability, performance, and security.
    • Perform routine database maintenance tasks such as backups, restoration, and disaster recovery planning.
    • Optimize database performance by monitoring resource utilization, identifying and resolving bottlenecks, and tuning queries.
    • Implement security measures, including user access controls, encryption, and vulnerability assessments.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve database issues, such as performance problems, replication failures, and data corruption.
    • Collaborate with developers to design and implement database schemas, indexes, and stored procedures.
    Integration with Data Bricks or Snowflake:
    • Configure and integrate MS SQL databases with Data Bricks or Snowflake platforms.
    • Collaborate with data engineers and data scientists to ensure smooth data ingestion and transformation processes.
    • Develop and maintain data pipelines and ETL workflows between MS SQL databases and Data Bricks or Snowflake platforms.
    • Monitor and optimize data transfer and synchronization processes between the databases and analytics platforms.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve integration issues, such as data inconsistencies or connectivity problems.
    Database Upgrades and Maintenance:
    • Plan and execute database upgrades, patches, and version migrations in coordination with the infrastructure team.
    • Test and validate database changes to ensure compatibility and minimize downtime.
    • Implement database monitoring and alerting solutions to proactively identify potential issues and take corrective actions.
    • Stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices related to MS SQL databases, Data Bricks, and Snowflake.

  • Experience with cloud platforms such as Azure and knowledge of Azure database is a plus.

  • Excellent troubleshooting skills with the ability to diagnose and resolve complex issues in database environments.

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.

Being You

Diversity is a whole lot more than what we look like or where we come from, it’s how we think and who we are. We welcome people of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. But we’re not doing it single-handily: Our Kyndryl Inclusion Networks are only one of many ways we create a workplace where all Kyndryls can find and provide support and advice. This dedication to welcoming everyone into our company means that Kyndryl gives you – and everyone next to you – the ability to bring your whole self to work, individually and collectively, and support the activation of our equitable culture. That’s the Kyndryl Way.

What You Can Expect

With state-of-the-art resources and Fortune 100 clients, every day is an opportunity to innovate, build new capabilities, new relationships, new processes, and new value. Kyndryl cares about your well-being and prides itself on offering benefits that give you choice, reflect the diversity of our employees and support you and your family through the moments that matter – wherever you are in your life journey. Our employee learning programs give you access to the best learning in the industry to receive certifications, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Skillsoft, and many more. Through our company-wide volunteering and giving platform, you can donate, start fundraisers, volunteer, and search over 2 million non-profit organizations. At Kyndryl, we invest heavily in you, we want you to succeed so that together, we will all succeed.

Get Referred!

If you know someone that works at Kyndryl, when asked ‘How Did You Hear About Us’ during the application process, select ‘Employee Referral’ and enter your contact's Kyndryl email address.