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DevOps Manager (Audit & Security)



Software Engineering, Operations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Monday, September 25, 2023

Job Title : DevOps Manager (Audit & Security)

Job Location : Uniops Bangalore


Be part of the world’s most successful, purpose-led business. Work with brands that are well-loved around the world, that improve the lives of our consumers and the communities around us. We promote innovation, big and small, to make our business win and grow; and we believe in business as a force for good. Unleash your curiosity, challenge ideas and disrupt processes; use your energy to make this happen. Our brilliant business leaders and colleagues provide mentorship and inspiration, so you can be at your best. Every day, nine out of ten Indian households use our products to feel good, look good and get more out of life – giving us a unique opportunity to build a brighter future.

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Unilever Operations (UniOps) is the global technology and operations engine of Unilever offering business services, technology, and enterprise solutions. UniOps serves over 190 locations and through a network of specialized service lines and partners delivers insights and innovations, user experiences and end-to-end seamless delivery making Unilever Purpose Led and Future Fit.


Unilever has an agreed IT mission to leverage internal & external capabilities to shift its focus to growth initiatives and business transformation in response to business strategy. It is committed to deliver simpler, more cost-effective IT solutions to supporting a robust business agenda.

The CE&T DevOps Manager will be responsible for overseeing the development, deployment, and maintenance of our software infrastructure, while ensuring compliance with security standards and industry best practices. You will play a crucial role in designing and implementing secure systems and processes to protect our company's assets and customer data.

Experience Required: A candidate for this position must have had at least:

  • 3 years of working experience in a DevOps area, working within a fast-paced and fast-evolving environment.

  • Collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to align software development, QA, and operations processes, reducing time-to-market, and improving product quality.

  • Strong understanding of IT infrastructure components, configurations, and dependencies, operations, and service management concepts.

  • Strong knowledge of IT governance frameworks, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

  • Familiarity experience in IT tooling management, administration, and implementation.

  • Familiarity with industry standards and best practices, Cybersecurity Framework, and COBIT.

  • Experience with security tools, such as vulnerability scanners, intrusion detection systems, and security incident and event management platforms.

  • In-depth understanding of network security, cloud security, application security, and data protection.

  • Ability to adapt to changing technologies, regulations, and business needs.

  • Familiarity with security controls and best practices for securing IT environments.

  • Proficiency in managing IT tool integrations and ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills to troubleshoot environment-related issues to identify root causes and propose effective solutions.

  • Knowledge of ITIL practices and principles, particularly in Change Management and Release Management.

  • Proven experience in managing DevOps, security, and compliance functions within a complex technical environment.

  • Strong knowledge of DevOps practices, CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure automation, and containerization technologies. In-depth understanding of security principles, concepts, and technologies, including encryption, network security, access controls, and vulnerability management.


DevOps Management

Manage and Support AM&AD teams (E2E ITIL process) supporting a robust framework & principles bringing velocity, cost avoidance with a real high quality in line with the Business requirements.

  • Manage a team of DevOps developers and specialists. Provide guidance, mentorship, and performance feedback. Foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning within the team.

  • Manage monitoring and loggig solutions to ensure high availability and proactive incident response.

  • Push Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity through regular tests and exercises validating the effectiveness of the plans and ensure the organization’s ability to recover from disruptons.

  • Identify and address systemic issues to drive high reliability and efficiency. Leading operational upgrades, migrations, or enhancements while minimizing disruption to platform operations

  • Solve problems relating to mission critical services and build automation to prevent problem recurrences.

  • Manage relationships with IT vendors and service providers. Evaluate vendor offerings, negotiate contracts and service-level agreements (SLAs), and monitor vendor performance to ensure quality service delivery.

  • Support Software Factory including Life Cycle, CI/CD pipeline and processes, version control, build automation, deployment automation, and monitoring. Implement code quality checks, and release management processes.

  • Support tooling maintenance: Establish processes and procedures for the effective administration and maintenance of IT tools. Manage user access, permissions, and configurations. Monitor tool performance, conduct regular health checks, and apply necessary updates and patches to ensure optimal functionality.

  • Support tooling governance: Define and enforce governance policies and procedures related to IT tooling. Ensure compliance with security, regulatory, and data privacy requirements. Implement controls for proper access management, change management, and data protection within IT tools.

  • Support tooling Performance Monitoring and Optimization: Monitor the performance and usage of IT tools, collect, and analyze data to identify areas for improvement. Collaborate with stakeholders to optimize tool usage, streamline processes, and drive efficiencies.

Support Platform Audit & Security creating a comprehensive plan to identify, assess, and mitigate IT risks across the platform.

  • Conduct IT audits: Plan and execute regular IT audits to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls, security systems, and processes. Identify vulnerabilities, potential risks, and areas for improvement. Provide recommendations and guidance to address any identified issues.

  • Ensure compliance: Stay up to date with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards related to IT security and data privacy.

  • Manage IT security operations: Oversee the implementation and maintenance of security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, access controls, and encryption technologies. Monitor security incidents, conduct investigations, and coordinate incident response efforts.

  • Develop and enforce security policies: Establish and maintain IT security policies, procedures, and guidelines. Monitor policy adherence and address non-compliance issues.

  • Vendor management: Collaborate with external vendors and partners to ensure the security of outsourced systems and services.

  • Risk assessment and management: Conduct risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats. Support risk mitigation and controls. Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of risk management processes.

  • Incident response and disaster recovery: Develop and maintain incident response plans and coordinate response efforts during security incidents. Collaborate with relevant teams to establish disaster recovery plans and ensure business continuity.

  • Reporting and communication: Prepare and present regular reports to management and stakeholders regarding IT audit findings, security incidents, risk assessments, and compliance status. Communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders effectively.


Good soft and interpersonal skills related to Collaboration, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Adaptability and Business Acumen demontranting thought:

Organisational awareness, good team player and strong multi-cultural sensitivity. Able to adapt in front of disruption and changes. Resilience Have exceptionally good problem-solving skills. Experience on software/ application lifecycle. Proven track record in driving process simplification. Time Management Have an ability to work in a highly collaborative and fast-evolving environment. Focus and bias for action to deliver results today, while having a curiosity to experiment and innovate for tomorrow.

Good hard and technical skills Including:

Azure Cloud (Azure SQL, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure DevOps, Azure Databricks) Cloud (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS) Management Infrastructure Change Management Experience of using JIRA/Confluence agile tool sets Agile methodology ITIL management. Network security, cloud security, application security, and data protection

Desirable Cloud Hard Skills

Working in Computing Platforms, Security and Compliance, Automation and Orchestration Sales & Service, Consumer Good and Commerce Salesforce Clouds Marketing Salesforce Cloud


Highly collaborative and supportive of IT and of its strategies. Persistent learner who invests time in building and maintaining building and maintaining technical skills. Practical in approach to decision making and problem solving that is principle-based and data driven.

Key Interfaces

UniOps Managers within the groups including key partners such as Product Line, Solution Delivery, Architeture, Cyber Security & Operational Teams. IT in Market teams. Vendor teams.

At HUL, we believe that every individual irrespective of their race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, nationality, caste, disability or marital status can bring their purpose to life. So apply to us, to unleash your curiosity, challenge ideas and disrupt processes; use your energy to make the world a better place. As you work to make a real impact on the business and the world, we’ll work to help you become a better you!